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— [NEWS] 140730 B.A.P Jongup & Youngjae’s surprise message to fans during their break —



Recently, the boy group B.A.P that finished with the 4 continent tour including Asia, America, Europe and also Australia said they are having their long-awaited break. What might they be doing in their break? The members Jongup and Youngjae send us the recent news!

So, can we first meet with Jongup? Jongup who is currently having an album’s photo-shoot said that they are taking a break after having finished the tour. When I asked about future projects he responded "Maybe, in a certain period, we’ll have a long break, we’re improving ourselves right now". What about your self-improvement? He told us "Vocal or songwriter, I’m trying to write lyrics as a hobby. I think next time when we meet with our fans, We’ll be able to show them a different and cool side of us" and then send some expectations to the fans.

Next is Youngjae. Youngjae who is currently having the japanese album’s photo-shoot said that they are spending their break comfortably. Youngjae who is asking for the fans safety, commented with worry "It’s summer so be careful of the heat, don’t be too close to the air-conditioner because you can get ill, take care of your health". Finally, he send a flying kiss as a gift for the fans who are waiting for them. B.A.P that sent a surprise message to their fans, said that they will be coming back with a different side to them.

That was Jongup and Youngjae of B.A.P.

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— 140730 - Ameblo - Jongup —







B.A.P JAPAN 4th SINGLE EXCUSE ME」発売記念イベントで、お会いしましょう!!


"It’s been a while, this is Jongup!!"

Everyone, hello!!

The rainy season is over, and everyday is hot
Everyone, how are things going for you?
One more day till July is over~

Until we see each other again, please take care of your bodies!!
Let’s meet at B.A.P JAPAN 4th SINGLE “EXCUSE ME” release events!!
Please look forward to it!!

trans. cr; maria @ itsbap ; please take out with full credit.

— 140730 - Twitter - Son PD, Himchan & Youngjae —

MBC 현관앞에서 더 훤칠해진 힘찬이와 영재를 오랜만에 똭 만나서 반가웠다는! 같이찍은 사진은 제가 오징어로 나와서 개인소장하기로^^

SON PD: I was so happy to meet Himchan and Youngjae who became more chiseled infront of the main door of MBC! I will privately keep the picture I took with them since I came out like a squid^^ 

정말 오랜만에 뵙게 돼서 반가웠오요 피디님 크크크 다음에 또 뵈여 ^.^!

HIMCHAN: I was so happy to see you in such a long time pd-nim kekeke see you again next time ^.^!

다음에 라디오 꼭 초대해주세요!!

YOUNGJAE: Please invite us to the radio broadcast next time!!

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— 140731 - Instagram - Zelo —

오늘 스타일링은 이 착장으로 정했구려#양말#고뇌#거북알


I picked this creation for today’s styling #socks #agony #turtle egg

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140731 B.A.P @ Sokcho Market
140731 B.A.P @ Sokcho Market